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Customers overpay by as much as £114 every month once their initial deal on their mortgage runs out

If you haven’t been in touch with your lender since your initial deal expired then you have more than likely defaulted to their SVR(standard variable rate), you could be paying up to £114 per month more than you need to for your home.

That’s £2736 of savings on a 2 year fixed rate! This figure is based on a £150,000 mortgage over 25 years on a standard variable rate of 4.24% and the savings could be even more substantial on higher value mortgages as well as longer terms. We can also arrange deals where you can transfer unsecured debt such as credit cards onto your mortgage (debt consolidation) or where you can remortgage for a higher amount and you can take the extra borrowing as cash and go on a holiday or buy a new car etc (capital raise).

What to do next

This is what we call a remortgage. We have access to every available lender offering remortgage deals at the moment and even if you don’t fit their criteria we can still arrange a better deal for you with your current lender. You might be thinking how much does this cost me? It’s free as lenders will offer free legals and free valuations so you don’t have to go and see solicitors or arrange anything. It doesn’t cost you a penny to switch and we sort out all the paperwork on your behalf and liase with the lenders to make sure you get the best rate and the deal gets completed quickly without you having to worry about it. Cashback offers are also currently available on a lot of deals and certain lenders have cashback as high as £1500

Give us a ring today or drop us a message if you want to enquire about a remortgage or a mortgage for a new home 02871 3299898

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